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Puppy Gifts

We have some important messages for you here, but feel free to scroll through to see our mini dachshund puppies for sale!

Think carefully before “gifting” puppies for holidays or birthdays. Owning a puppy is a HUGE responsibility, and it’s for LIFE.

Yes, mini dachshunds are super cute and make great family members, and it’s very common to impulsively want to give them as gifts. But unless your mini dachshund recipient is prepared to accept that responsibility, we suggest you speak with your gift recipient beforehand so that they can have time to research information about ownership, and that your gift does not wind up hurting a precious puppy!

However, we have found that all of Cherokee Creek’s clients are very thoughtful and discerning parents and gifters. We don’t have to worry about that too much.

As a breeder it’s sad to see the “price over quality” being what too many people are looking for. The time, love, hard work and money we put into our babies is priceless. The guarantee that you get lifelong help from a reputable breeder is priceless. The fact you become a part of our family and not just money in our pockets is priceless.

I do understand that some have a budget they can’t go above. But just ask for help as I try to work with everyone. Save up to get your perfect, healthy, socialized puppy!

Just because you find one for $300 doesn’t always mean you’re getting a good deal. Yes those babies need love too and I’ve taken in several in my lifetime. But we strive to better the breed in so many ways. If this continues I’m afraid the well bred dachshunds will slowly disappear. So NOT supporting a “back yard breeder” is PRICELESS!

Puppy Blessings 🐾

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Note: as of March 9, 2024 the current puppies we have for sale are listed on the home page. Please check there for the most current listings!
Chloe with her mini dachshund babies

Chloe & Toby

November 28: Chloe & Toby precious new litter. Shots were taken with the heat lamp on!

Mini Dachshund babies from our dam Dixie

Chocolate/Tan Dapple
Chocolate/Tan Dapple Piebald

Dixie & Harley

Pictures posted November 16 and November 28 ?

Delilah - one of our miniature Dachshund dams

Cream based

Delilah & Toby

September 14: Delilah is confirmed pregnant and due October 6th. She is a Black/Tan Dapple bred to Toby, a Black/Cream.
Could have dapple, black/tan, chocolate, possible dilute.

October 1: See what we got below! ?