Cheyenne Is Bred to Harley

Update 5/13/23 8:05AM

We are home, Cheyenne is with 5 of her 6 babies. The tiny boy is on the heating pad getting warm then will try to get him to nurse once warm and little stronger hopefully. Unfortunately tiny boy – ?.

Very rough night, but thankful & blessed we didn’t lose Cheyenne & her babies.

Update 5/13/23 6:20AM

Well what a very long hard night !

Ended up at the McKinney Emergency vet clinic. Cheyenne had to have an emergency c-section.

She had 6 puppies 5 boys & 1 girl.

One of the boys is very small, and may not make it. So $3600.00 later! Then Cheyenne had to be spayed due to a tore uterus. Fixing to go home finally with Cheyenne and puppies. Life of a breeder can be extremely difficult, stressful, exhausting and very expensive!

Update 5/13/23 1:48AM Well at the McKinney Emergency Clinic with Cheyenne. Very possible C-section coming!

Updates to follow!

Update 5/13/23: Cheyenne decided to have her water break while I am getting ready to go to my grandson Asher’s Kindergarten graduation. The fun life of a breeder, getting to miss the important things in life. But raising miniature dachshunds is my life and their welfare has to come before the pleasures in my life.

Update 5/11/23:
Anytime Cheyenne! Temp is 98.1 Definitely 4, possibly 5!

4/8/2023: Cheyenne is bred to Harley and was x-rayed today and definitely has 4 puppies, possibly 5. She is due any time now!