About Cherokee Creek
Miniature Dachshunds

Cherokee Creek Miniature Dachshunds Breeder Information

We are a small family-owned kennel in the beautiful state of Texas, east of McKinney in Farmersville. We only raise long hair Miniature Dachshunds. We have been blessed to raise and sell our precious puppies for 18 yrs. We do guarantee a loving healthy puppy!

I have over 30 years’ experience, was a registered vet technician for 15 years and raised dogs for 18 years. I have excellent references nationwide, and many numerous repeat customers.

All our breeding adults have Embark DNA. Any potential puppies needing DNA testing will be done prior to being sold.

We strive to breed for conformation, temperament and very happy puppies. All our puppies are home raised and are handled daily, we put a lot of love and care into every puppy to make sure they are all healthy and well socialized.

All our puppies are sold after 9 weeks old, and will receive 2 sets of vaccinations, be current on de-wormings and come with a 1-year health guarantee. Please note: Except for an extremely rare medical condition, puppy deposits are non-refundable!

Since 1999. Puppy Blessings! 🐾

A Fully Experienced Miniature
Dachshund breeder in Texas

Penelope: A Miniature Dachshund Puppy for sale from Cherokee Creek

About Miniature Dachshunds

Where Do Dachshunds Get Their Name?

The word “Dachshund” is originally a combination of two German words: “Dachs” which means “badger”, and “hund” which means “dog”. I know you can put two and two together, so there’s that. Their short legs and long bodies were really developed to hunt into burrows (of badgers, rabbits and foxes for example) and track scents on the ground.


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Denae Fountain – Bio & Breeder Information

Hello, my name is Denae Fountain. I am the owner & breeder of Cherokee Creek Miniature Dachshunds. Here is a little background on myself!

Cherokee Creek Kennels 1990-2017

Ever since I was a small child I have loved animals. I got my first dog when I was 2 years old. I have always had animals including dogs, cats and horses.

In 1990-1991 I attended Houston Community College, studied veterinary medicine, and received my certificate as a registered veterinary technician. I loved working as a vet technician and did this for 15 years. During my time as a vet tech I met a very special lady that introduced me into the breeding world and she entrusted & gifted me with 2 chihuahuas: Babs & Buster.

As I learned what it was like to actually bred, deliver and raise puppies, and not just have puppies come into the vet sick or for just vaccinations or momma dogs coming in for emergency c-sections.

We had our first litter of puppies! I was a nervous wreck and sat up all night with Babs as she had her puppies. We had 4 precious puppies and I was so proud!

As the time went by I felt different, felt something was now changed in me. I was constantly being asked by clients at the vet clinic I worked at, “You are so loving and caring, are you going to continue to raise puppies? You really should you are so good at it!”

So I told my husband this was something I truly felt I should do: I felt lead to be a dog breeder! So in 1999 I actually started Cherokee Creek Kennels and raised chihuahuas & mini dachshunds. Started out with 1 male and 2 female chihuahuas, along with 1 male and 3 female mini dachshunds. All while I also continued to work as a registered veterinary technician. Cherokee Creek Kennels was a super successful kennel producing and selling precious puppies nationwide until 2017 when I retired due to a family tragedy.

Cherokee Creek Miniature Dachshunds 2021-2024 and beyond

My heart has always been centered around some type of paw print; I realized there was something missing in my life… I just felt incomplete. I told my husband I was thinking about wanting to start breeding again. So I decided to pray about it and if I was meant to start breeding again let God show me a sign.

Well I was sitting on the couch and a client of mine from many years past called my cell phone and asked if I was the “Denae” that owned Cherokee Creek Kennels and I told her yes. The dog I had sold her 14 years prior had passed away and she had looked for another mini dachshund for over a year. She just hadn’t felt comfortable with any of the other breeders she had come into contact with and she only wanted to purchase another puppy from me.

Well my husband looked at me and said well I think God just gave you the answer you were searching & praying for.

Therefore, Cherokee Creek Miniature Dachshunds was re-opened with the focus strictly on long-haired miniature dachshunds.

Responsible Breeding and “Price over Quality”

It’s a tremendous undertaking and a passion few understand, but raising your dogs becomes your life. It’s a job that doesn’t allow you to clock out. It requires sacrificing personal moments for a bigger cause. It’s a labor of love that never truly ends.

As a breeder, it’s sad to see that “price over quality” is too often what people are looking for. The time, love, hard work and money we put into our babies is priceless. The health guarantee you get and lifelong help from a reputable breeder is so extremely valuable. The fact you become a part of our family and not just money in our pockets is priceless.

I do understand that some have a budget they can’t go above. But just ask for help as I try to work with everyone. And save up to get your perfect, healthy, socialized puppy! Just because you find one for $300 doesn’t always mean you’re getting a good deal. A puppy sick with parvo can cost hundreds or even thousands and even possibly die. Then you are left with high vet expenses and no fur baby. 😭

So why even jeopardize these innocent puppies by buying from these horrible breeders? All puppies deserve a warm loving place to call home! But the scammers & back yard breeders need to be stopped! To do that is to quit buying these cheap, unhealthy puppies and buy from reputable breeders only! Breeders that strive to better the breed in so many ways.

If this continues, I’m afraid the well-bred dachshunds will slowly disappear. So not supporting a back yard breeder is PRICELESS! I refuse to lower my standards for my breeding program, and will not allow my puppies to become part of the scammer & back yard breeder world just for a few couple hundred dollars . Sorry my puppies are my world and I put my heart & soul into raising great quality bred & healthy puppies.

Puppy Blessings! 🐾